Lomi Lomi massage is one of the oldest forms of massage and healing. It's roots are embedding deep within ancient Polynesian culture but more specifically birthed from the Master healers of Hawaii.

On a physical level, Lomi Lomi melts away stress and physical pain with it's long flowing rhythmic strokes, where the practitioner uses their forearms, hands, and elbows in a shamanic dance around the body. It encapsulates the whole body and is not broken into parts, honouring the interconnectedness of the physical body and energetic systems.

More then skin deep, Lomi Lomi works at a strong energetic and spiritual level. Hawaiian's see the world as form of energy. When there is pain or dis-ease (physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually), there is resistance in the harmony of the whole self (mind, body, and spirit) which blocks energy movement. Lomi Lomi helps to release the blocks and restore the flow of energy to facilitate the road to healing. Like waves and tides to the shore, Lomi Lomi soothes and breaks apart hard edges and washes away tension to restore your Mana.

The receiver of Lomi Lomi is not viewed as someone to be fixed but as a divine being of light seeking to return to a state of harmonious balance. With mindful, heart-centered intention and prayer, Lomi Lomi and the Ha breath (the breath of life) shift energy to enable the body's natural healing abilities to fully flow.

Lomi Lomi is a journey. An experience. It is a chance to connect with your whole self to release and shift deep parts that no longer serve you; Find Your Flow.

1 Hour Lomi Lomi


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1.5 Hour Lomi Lomi


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2 Hour Lomi Lomi


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"In the Oxford Dictionary the definition of love is fondness, a deep or passionate affection to someone or something - to the Hawaiians it is so much more, it also includes tolerance, forgiveness, acceptance, non judgement, appreciation, compassion, respect and so many other elements - this is the very foundation of a Lomi Lomi massage."

Tracy Lakainapali

Lomi Lomi

  • soothes to realign the body                   
  • improves circulation
  • boosts immune function                               
  •  induces overall well being and sense of balance
  • shifts energy
  • creates flow in the body by removing blocked energy
  • lifts spirits
  • improves communication with your mind, body & spirit.

Deepen the Lomi Lomi Experience

Hot Towels

Start or end your Lomi Lomi session and deepen your relaxation with the penetrating heat of soothing hot towels. Your body will be wrapped with hot towels with intention of removing and clearing blockages from your body. You will feel invigorated, refreshed and deeply relaxed.

30 min | $60

Herbal Hot Towels

Deepen the experience with the penetrating heat of hot towels soaked in Eucalyptus essential oil and mineral rich Epsom salt.

30min | $65 


Add the healing of Reiki to enhance the release of chakra, body, and aura blockages. You will have the sense of lightness and deep inner peace.

15 min | $25

30 min | $40

Pono Hair & Scalp Ritual

Hawaiian's have long been know for repairing and moisturizing their tresses with coconut oil. Your hair will be anointed by this age old tradition with delicious organic coconut oil. You will become Pono (Balance/Oneness/Center) as your neck and scalp are massaged to ease tension and erase daily stresses. This treatment is finished with a hot towel to deep condition your locks. Nothing relaxes the whole body more then attention to your overlooked, tense and stressed out head and mind.

30 min | $55

Mana Hydrating Foot Ritual

Rejuvenate your tired feet and sooth your soles. This session starts with a Mana Hawaiian Sea Salt Scrub to buff away rough skin, followed by cool foot compressions to refresh your feet and relieve inflammation or "hot" feet. Your feet will be hydrated with pure Organic Coconut oil while you relax into a rejuvenating foot and leg massage. This is a great treatment for hot, tired summer feet.

30 min | $55

Please note that Lomi Lomi is not a Registered Massage Therapy. All of my training and certifications have been from outside of the country, therefore it is not a recognized form of massage by Ontario's regulating body.  I am not able to complete insurance receipts for those with coverage. I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.