Kopari Massage

This luxurious Kopari Massage is full on Coco-nuts! You will melt into paradise as Kopari Organic Coconut Melt is worked into sore, tired muscles for a total body glow. Included in the session is a Kopari Coconut Milk foot massage to kneed away stress and rough spots.

The Kopari massage is like one long drink of coconut hydration for your whole body.

Kopari Coconut Melt is 100% pure coconut oil that is sourced from the highest quality coconuts from the Philippines. This multitasking oil is produced for the intention of beauty to lock in moisture and heal the skin.

1 Hour


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1.5 Hour


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Why Coconut oil?

Coconuts are the natural, organic, jack-of-all-fruits. We drink it, we eat it, we cook and clean with it. And although it might seem trendy at the moment, coconut oil has been used in ancient Hawaiian beauty rituals for centuries. Have you ever noticed how natives of tropical regions have the most gorgeous skin and hair? They don’t use fancy creams full of cutting-edge chemicals. They certainly don’t stay out of the sun. So what’s their secret? Coconut oil, of course.

Kopari Beauty