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I am Brandy and the path to Mana Massage has been one of the most rewarding and soulful journeys I have been blessed to have experienced.

Born and raised in Prince Edward County, I was fortunate enough to have spent much of my days with my feet planted into the land of my grandparents farm, while being surrounded by water and playing at the beach. Much of my intuitive and sensitive nature was nurtured here.

After years of studying, working and traveling throughout my twenties, I received the call of Hawaii and Lomi Lomi.  One simple and serendipitous conversation over coffee in Mexico led me to the South Pacific where my soul found home in the Aloha Spirit. It became clear to me why I had been drawing pictures of waves, and felt drawn to Hawaii and to Hawaiian culture for as long as I can remember. 

I studied from Masters of this work. Nature and the connection with 'aina (land) was also a great part of my study: studying waves, climbing volcanoes, swimming in sacred waters, walking on sacred land, dancing with sea turtles, and giving Mahalo's to whales. The spirit of Aloha is bestowed within me; it is a way of life and it is imbued and manifested in my work.  

Mana Massage was birthed when I arrived back home to Prince Edward County in 2010, on what I thought was another "pause" in direction but it turned out that I was ready to share the sacred bodywork of Hawaii in my own community and island. It is the greatest gift sharing the magic of Hawaii and helping others in their work of healing here in my home town. It is my intention to empower people, to offer space to honour connection with self (mind, body, and spirit) and work at peeling back the layers to increase their MANA and begin healing.  I have found FLOW in this deeply rewarding and beautiful spiritual work.